"This is a gym unlike any other I have been to."

This is a gym unlike any other I have been to. For starters, it feels more like a family, not corporate at all. They don’t charge for towels nor are you required to sign up beforehand. The trainers are super approachable, friendly and excited about fitness. I love all the outdoor activities they offer such as the stair group, trail running and foundation. It’s nice to have that community feel outside the gym.
I have been going to see Rich for years and he keeps getting better and better.

Molly M.

"My only regret is not joining sooner!"

I love this place!!! I used to be one of those people that dreaded exercise and was very intimidated by gym environments. But no more!!! I can honestly say I not only look forward to going to classes at PMPT but I actually find myself craving more! Never thought I’d say that! Rich and Elyse truly do have a unique way of making exercise fun but also very challenging at the same time. My only regret is not joining sooner!

Elizabeth F.

"Best workout with an amazing trainer."

It should be called Perpetually smiling while training. Best workout with an amazing trainer. Can’t start a day better than that.

Barbara Magoon

"Rich Edgren is the greatest trainer in the Bay Area!"

Rich Edgren is the greatest trainer in the Bay Area! His focus on injury-free, functional natural movement is timeless for all levels and ages and abilities. His compassionate and non-judgmental approach leaves me feeling empowered and good about taking care of myself without getting hung up on superficial appearances. At the same time, his workouts are efficient and holistic, which get more results in less time.

Dr. B

"Rich is a very talented personal trainer."

Rich is a very talented personal trainer. He has a second sense about what his clients need and is very sensitive about their abilities and limitations (in my case, older joints and a legacy injury). He has fully embraced my goals, and has truly enjoyed and shared ownership in my success. His group classes provide a good workout with a variety exercises. He makes sure newcomers feel welcome and provides them with the coaching they need to get comfortable with the session.

Justine Faisst