The Most Nutritious Breakfast You’ll Ever Eat

Looking for a super easy, delicious, and nutritious breakfast? We’ve got you covered.

We get asked a lot what we eat! The truth is, it varies, but we try to stick with one basic rule of thumb: whole foods. Avoid sugars and refined carbohydrates.

What you see above is a very common breakfast that we highly recommend; it’s low in carbohydrates, and high in fat and protein. What that means is it will keep you full!

The Secret is the Type of Eggs

This is three scrambled eggs – specifically, organic pasture raised eggs.

When you buy pasture raised eggs, you can tell the difference.

Being pasture raised allows these hens to forage for the kind of food that makes these eggs contain up to 20 percent more fatty acids than those that are confined. Just cracking one open, the yolks are a deep orange as opposed to the light yellow of cage free or free range: terms that can simply mean a barn door is open, but they still live in an enclosed space.

We love Vital Farms and Rolling Oaks Ranch eggs, which you can buy at Whole Foods or through the Good Eggs delivery service (for a free gift from Good Eggs, email us for an invite – we can’t recommend them enough!).

The Extra Ingredients

The only thing added to the eggs in the picture is pepper and salt.

On the side is half of an organic avocado. Avocados are fantastic for you; high in fat, fiber, potassium, and are delicious to boot. No need to explain to California people the beauty of a good avocado! Squirt some lime or lemon juice on the other half, wrap it up, throw it in the fridge, and you have it for tomorrow.

Last, a big pile of sautéed spinach. Both the eggs and spinach are sautéed in butter (we recommend Kerrygold, sold at Safeway and other stores, as it is made from the dairy of grass-fed cows and is better nutritionally and flavor-wise). Two big handfuls of spinach cook down to a small pile. Spinach is so good for you! Low in calories, high in fiber and potassium, and delicious with a little cracked salt on top.

You may notice that this “recipe” is not terribly complicated. We find that simplicity is a part of what makes eating well easy.

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