Lands End Stairs Adventure 6/17/17

Lands End and the Coastal Trail was the perfect place to be this weekend, as the Bay Area got its first real heat wave for the year. One hundred degree temps in Walnut Creek? No, thanks.

We headed to Lands End in San Francisco and enjoyed a 30 degree drop in temperature. Blue skies, full sun & nearly chilly with ocean breezes and clear views of the Golden Gate bridge…this is exactly why we love to explore our backyard. We met in the parking lot at Lands End to start off with a Z-Health inspired neural warm-up before heading down the ¾ mile trail to the top of Mile Rock Beach steps.

The heavy rains this winter ended up washing out a section of stairs which made for an exciting time on the way back up. So, sand hill sprints it was! We always like to make it a full body workout, so once we reached the top of the nearly 250 uneven sandy steps, we added in 10 pull-ups from the tree branches and 10 push-ups every time we reached the top.

Once we hit the beach for the second time, we found the heaviest rocks we felt we could manage an mixed in rock cleans and press slams, clean and press BURPEES, and plenty of Foundation Training in the surf. The run back to the parking lot gave us a chance to climb a flight of about 65 steps a couple of times with the infamous leg-outs at the bottom both times.

One last set of steps and trail down toward the Sutro bath ruins before heading back up the 190 steps ending where we started. One of the best things about the Step in Up series that we lead is the chance we get to spend time with our gym members refueling and getting to know each other better.

Instead of battling the congestion near Ocean Beach, we avoided the crowded restaurants off of Pacific Coast highway (surf competition, as well as a Corgi Con!) and headed down the road to Devil’s Slide Brewing Company in nearby Pacifica. Burgers, beers, salads, dogs (Frank met another French Bulldog named Sid), and a lot of laughter.

Great times with great people. We love our fitness community. If any of this sounds like a good time to you, come find out for yourself. Our next location are the Filbert & Greenwich Stairs on July 8th (these are the two flights that run right under Coit Tower in San Francisco).

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